Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Mr. Ram & Miss WSSU: a visual history"

The Archives is proud to announce the completion of its latest exhibit, "Mr. Ram & Miss WSSU: a visual history."  As the time quickly approaches for the election of the new Mr. Ram and Miss WSSU, the Archives wanted to show a glimpse into the history of the competition.  The exhibit contains several photographs documenting events in the process of electing Mr. Ram and Miss WSSU, including coronation ceremonies and presentations at football games.  The photographs range in date from 1945-1991.  Also incorporated into the exhibit is the 1935 WSTC yearbook open to the photo of Miss WSTC 1935, Hazel Bingham.  The exhibit shows some WSSU memorabilia as well as the October 1965 News Argus article about the Miss WSSU winner.

Below is an image from the exhibit of Miss WSSU 1971-1972.

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