Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WSSU Archives Launches its digital collections in the new Digital Library

After months of scanning, uploading, and adding metadata, the WSSU Archives has finally launched its new Digital Library.  Using cloud technology, the Digital Library allows the Archives to share documents, photographs, and movies.  Attached to each image, movie, or document are metadata fields describing the collection it came from as well as the item itself.  Keywords were added so that the items are searchable within the collections level.

The first three collections available on our new Digital Library are: The WSSU Yearbooks, Commencement Programs, and Teaching Portfolios.

The Yearbook collection was scanned and made text searchable by the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center.  The Yearbooks cover the years of 1935-2010.

The Commencements Programs (1926-2007) list the names of graduates as well as any award winners for that graduation year.

The Teaching Portfolios are a collection of WSSU Faculty portfolios that were submitted for many of the teaching and service awards available at the university and within North Carolina.

Please visit the newly uploaded collections and feel free to leave a comment here or at the Digital Library with your thoughts and ideas.  Thank you and keep an eye out for our next collection to be uploaded.  The next collection will be the student newspaper The News Argus.