Thursday, September 30, 2010

UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching

As the time approaches for Professors to submit their portfolios for a chance to win this prestigious award, I thought it would be nice to present a list of past winners of the award.

Each year, since 1995, the UNC System presents an Award for Excellence in Teaching to a professor from each of the member institutions. Below is the list of previous winners from WSSU

2010 – Janice Witt Smith
2009 – Edwin D. Bell
2008 – Dennis Felder
2007 – Irene Phillips
2006 – Cassaundra M. El-Amin
2005 – Francine Giles Madrey
2004 – Himanshu Gopalan
2003 – Gloria King Clark
2002 – Nelson Adams
2001 – Donald MacThompson
2000 – Shirley F. Manigault
1999 – Michael A. Brookshaw
1998 – Adnee M. Bradford
1997 – Ike Ambrose Okonta
1996 – Mary E. Clancy
1995 – Elwanda Delores Ingram

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friends of the Library 25th Year Celebration - Archives Exhibit

In honor of the 25th Year Celebration of the WSSU Friends of the Library, the Archives would like to extend a warm invitation to view the newly created exhibit for the FoL. The exhibit contains a timeline from creation to the coming Celebration Gala. Archival material and photographs come together to show the impact the FoL have on the CG O’Kelly Library and its services. The exhibit is up and will run through the Gala event on November 5th.

To view the exhibit please visit the WSSU Archives in the 1st Floor East Wing of the CG O’Kelly Library.

As a reminder, tickets and information about the FoL 25th Year Gala can be found at the link below. Hope to see you there.

WSSU Friends of the Library

Friday, September 3, 2010

Archives LibGuide

The archives LibGuide is completed and can be viewed by following the link below. The LibGuide provides access to databases and other material related to the WSSU Archives and other historical information. The LibGuide also provides access to newspaper databases and updated finding aids as they are completed. In addition there are several platforms available for asking questions about the archives and library.

WSSU Archives LibGuide